Privacy Policy

We strongly recognize that personal information we acquire through our travel agency business and system development business is an important part of the privacy of our customers, so we respect them by handling their personal information appropriately. To meet the expectations and earn the trust of our customers, we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Act) as well as all related laws, industry regulations, social norms, and public order and morals. In order to safely manage the personal information of all individuals involved with our company, we have designed and applied a system of rules which includes the items listed below.

1. Acquiring, using, and providing personal information

Taking into consideration the above operational details and business scope, we acquire personal information through appropriate means and handle it only within the purview of our previously established purpose of use. We do not use personal information that falls outside of that purpose of use. We may provide personal information to a third party at a subsequent location through the course of our business, but we will never provide such information to a third party without the consent of its owner. To that end, we have designed a protocol for handling personal information and we hold training sessions for our employees.

2. Compliance with laws and ordinances

When handling personal information, we review and comply with relevant national policy guidelines (including the Personal Information Protection Law), regulations, and other related standards.

3. Implementation of safety measures for protecting personal information

In order to ensure the safe and appropriate handling of personal information, we have established a "Personal Information Protection Management System" and make sure that all of our employees undergo training in the prevention of any damage, loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of personal information. We conduct daily reviews as well as internal audits to detect any deficiencies at an early stage, at which time we thoroughly investigate the cause of those deficiencies and take corrective measures to prevent their reoccurence.

4. Complaints and consultations related to the handling of personal information

Regarding complaints or consultations related to our handling of personal information, we have set up a "Personal Information Inquiry Point of Contact" to allow us to quickly respond to such inquiries without delay.

5. Continuous improvement of our Personal Information Protection Management System

We periodically review and improve our Personal Information Protection Management System in order to achieve personal information protection that is not only compatible with our administrative environment but also with changes in the social climate and advancements in information technology.

6. Our cookie policy

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How we use cookies
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Evolable Asia Corp.
Hideki Yoshimura, Representative Director

Established May 11, 2007
Revised October 1, 2013

Inquiries related to the protection of personal information

Any inquiries regarding this policy or the personal information that our company handles should be directed to the point of contact below.

Personal Information Inquiry Point of Contact
Telephone: 03-3455-0836 (10:00-17:00; closed weekends and holidays)

Check here for official announcements regarding personal information.

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