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Important news

  • Feb.16.2017

    Announcement of selling shares by principal shareholders ~Satisfying the criteria of rate of liquid stocks for the requirement of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock~

  • Feb.15.2017

    Capital and business alliance with NHN PlayArt Corp. and NHN Techorus Corp.

  • Feb.14.2017

    Results Announcement for 1Q FY2017

Other news

  • Feb.20.2017

    Start offering JETSTAR JAPAN 's new fare" Flex Biz "for business trips in Tabi Pro - BTM"

  • Feb.17.2017

    Providing OEM with which operates e-market place for travel products

  • Feb.17.2017

    Announement of agreement to supply IT offshore development solution to "REM Corp." which manages WEB consulting services at Evolable Asia Co., Ltd., Vietnam corporation

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Business Guidance

  • IT Off-shore Development Business

    IT off shore development business

    IT Off-shore Development Business

    Engineers employed in Vietnam:Around 500
    Scale of off-shore development in Southeast Asia:Industry leader.
    Off-shore locations 3 locations.

  • Online Travel Agency Business

    Online trip business

    Online Travel Agency Business

    In the online travel agency business,one of the leading issuers of airline tickets in Japan,by value.
    The only company in the industry having agreements in place with all domestic airlines.

  • Inbound Travel Business

    Visit to Japan trip business

    Inbound Travel Business

    I develop the know-how that accumulated by In line with brisk market conditions, enhancing our focus on this area,where we can maxmize our expertise in the online travel agency business.

Company Profile

Company name
Evolable Asia Corp.
The location
Atago green Hills MORI tower 19F, 2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6219, Japan
The founder
President-director Hideki Yoshimura
Chairman of the board Munenori Oishi
1,019 million yen (paid-up capital 1,844 million yen) As December, 2016
The stock market
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market
Securities cord
Listed day
March 31, 2016
Accounting period